BMG, born from a group of professionals in the area of finance, international trade and legal assistance, with headquarters in Madrid seeks to create partnerships in the most strategic markets in the world, such as United Kingdom, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, China, Europe and the United States.

BMG seeks to become the ideal single window for the globalization of its clients’ products and businesses, providing a wide range of dedicated and personalized services in the best prê-à-ter style.


BMG We measure our Achievements by the Achievements of our customers.

BMG’s goal is to offer its clients the opportunity to concentrate completely on their core business activities, knowing that all technical aspects of the globalization process are handled by a team of experienced professionals. What we offer to our clients we also offer to our suppliers with whom we maintain a long term relationship. The backbone of BMG’s range and knowledge is based on an extensive network of suppliers in the many countries of origin. With some of the suppliers we already have a family relationship of 15 years and more.


BMG is negotiating and advising on Commodities in the broadest sense. We buy worldwide and sell worldwide. The most preferable with our partners, suppliers, customers and long-standing logistics partners. Products such as: raw coffee, cocoa beans, milk powder, tuna, cocoa powder, spices and herbs, nuts and dried fruits, legumes, oil seeds, consumer goods sales products such as pastries, canned foods and occasionally machinery for the food and textile industry. We have known these products for many years, we know the inputs and outputs, we can recognize the quality of the lowest quality.

With partnerships with cooperatives in Brazil, with more than 30 years specialized in farming and primary production, in 100% ORGANIC products, with wine and sparkling wine producers in Italy and Spain, tomato and olive producers in Spain, textile producers in Asia, we feel supported that we are offering quality in first class products.


As we have indicated, each client is special and requires a prê-át-porter treatment, based on their needs and conditions. This is where the BMG team works to develop this order on “Your Measure” for each client.


BMG’s logistics team can also take care of all your land and sea transport. We can go or go around the world to pick up or deliver our products or yours. We have the knowledge and the will to go far. With the help of our long-standing relationship with our customs agent, we can also provide services for the preparation of T1 documents, EX-A export declarations, customs clearance, both conventional and fiscal representative. We can provide phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, sanitary certificates, etc, etc.


All our warehouses are called customs warehouses, which means that we can store and handle products in transit, in Europe called T1 status. Guaranteeing that the product is in the corresponding customs clearance, complying with the international transit process.


BMG, is in charge of the entire compliance procedure between the parties, guaranteeing each party that the compliance (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) standards established by ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) will be met, thus ensuring the transparency of each party to each individual involved in the operations.


Spain Offices:
Plaza Carlos Trías Bertrán 4, Despacho 32, AZCA
CP: 28020 – Madrid

United Kingdom Offices:
Spanish Chamber Of Commerce, 126 Wigmore St,
London, United Kingdom, W1U 3RZ